Veterinary Services

Among the services available at this clinic are:
  • Hospitalization Dentistry & Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Twenty-four hour Emergency Service Laboratory
  • Radiology (x-ray) Consultation
  • Surgery/Blood Work
  • Boarding Dermatology Analysis
  • Housing and Farm calls
  • General Pet Care Vaccinations
  • Pet Foods and Supplies
  • Pet Grooming
  • A.Q.H.A. Equine Stud Service

Livestock may also be brought to the clinic for routine care or hospitalization and surgery


ALL ANIMALS MUST HAVE CURRENT IMMUNIZATIONS! Unless proof of immunization is submitted, the required inoculation(s) will be administered when the animal is brought in. Animals will be admitted during normal office hours only. (click here for hours). Pets must also have a current HEARTWORM TEST within the prior year. Any animals with FLEAS will be given a flea treatment or bath and dip. No animals will be admitted or dismissed when the clinic is closed on Sunday, Saturday afternoon, or holidays. While in the reception area, please keep your pet under restraint; either on a leash, in a carrier, or in your arms.


We board animals as a service to our clients on a reservation basis. Each animal is housed in a separate compartment. You may wish to bring along your pet's favorite toy or blanket to make his or her bed more familiar. Each dog is taken to a large covered outside run to exercise three times a day for appropriate time periods. During this time their compartment is washed, sprayed with viralcide, and sanitized, then clean papers are place in their compartments. All rooms in the clinic are individually heated and cooled for the animal's comfort. All animals are fed from a high quality, well balanced diet. We suggest you phone prior to boarding to make certain that adequate space is available. This is especially important prior to the holidays when the demand often exceeds the capacity of our facilities. Again, please inform us if you decide not to keep your boarding reservation.

(574) 457-5574
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